What is HouseBot

HouseBot is a Home Control solution that provides control and status of many types of home automation equipment. It is expandable to incorporate new devices and custom hardware.

HouseBot runs as a Windows application that can use a variety of automation protocols to provide a heterogeneous solution for home control. Software Remotes extend the control of the automation server by using customizable graphic interfaces that can run on remote (and mobile) devices.

If you want a quality Home Control System, but do not want to pay the outrageous prices for high-end systems combined with dealer installation and configuration charges, consider HouseBot. HouseBot is available for a free 30-day trial.

This site provides information, downloads, and support information for HouseBot. If you would like to learn more about HouseBot, check out some of the features.


HouseBot Version 3.50 Released

Version 3.50 is now available.
See the Download Page for more information and download links.

Voice Control

Android Remote

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Contact Information

HouseBot support is managed through the online community forums. Many common questions and issues have been addressed by other users or by CeBotics in the past and are immediately available through the forums. The forums are monitored by CeBotics for support issues, but all users are encouraged to participate since the wide range of applications for HouseBot exceeds the experience of any one user. By searching the forums, many questions can be answered simply by reading the helpful information provided by other users of the community.

Posting support questions through the forums also benefits other users that may have the same issues in the future. However, if direct email support is needed, please email housebot-support@cebotics.com.

For general information, the forums are also a good place to start.  For direct email inquiries, please email information@cebotics.com.