HouseBot Primary Features

Protocol Independent

If your home uses a variety of automation equipment, HouseBot will allow you to manage the automation across all of the devices. So you can monitor and control X10, Z-Wave, Wink, etc. all from within HouseBot. For example, you can have an X10 wireless motion detector trigger turn on Z-Wave lights.

In addition to controlling physical devices such as switches, HouseBot can also control Software Devices. Software Devices are simply software applications running on the HouseBot server that can be monitored and controlled in the same way that physical devices are monitored and controlled. Both types of Devices contain properties and are controlled exactly the same.

HouseBot supports a growing list of automation interfaces and software. Click here to see a quick list of things that can be controlled, or check out the hardware compatibility page.

Automation with Tasks and VB Scripts

The heart of the automation is accomplished through user configurable Tasks. Tasks are created with a simple point-and-click task wizard to set up sophisticated events without any manual programming. Tasks allow monitoring and control over any Device setup in the HouseBot system.

  • Motion Trigger
  • Evening Lights
  • Phone Call

Remote Control

Remote Control of the system is achieved through Software Remotes.

Software Remotes run on Android, Windows, and Windows CE devices for real-time monitoring and control of your HouseBot system. Software Remote user interfaces are constructed by simple drag-and-drop editing to create interactive (2-way) control panels.

Software Remotes can even connect to HouseBot servers from across the Internet so that you can remotely monitor and control your house or vacation home when you're away.

The screen shots below are examples that can be created (some with user provided graphics).

Voice Services

HouseBot can be controlled using either Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

All voice services require a login to My HouseBot for account linking and security.

For more information on how to setup and use Voice Service control, click on the service below.

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant / Google Home